meet mr AND MRS AGENT 2.0


Agent 2.0 Real Estate is a digital real estate agency that is staying ahead of the curve by embracing a digital real estate experience and adopting new technologies and tools to offer a unique way of buying, selling, and managing property, in the Goulburn, Crookwell, Taralga and Marulan areas.

Chris Rigney has spent most of his career in sales and has developed and refined his negotiation skills to become a leading negotiator in the real estate industry. In 2011 Chris began studying to be a real estate agent and from there he discovered a true passion in real estate. He has since built a strong network and credits this to focussing on building meaningful relationships within the community.

Chris has also developed strong relationships with local banks, brokers, solicitors, and conveyancers. His network of contacts throughout the market and in real estate circles, is testament to both his knowledge in the industry and his reputation for integrity and going above and beyond.

After more than a decade in real estate, Chris has gained a deeper understanding of the needs and frustrations of clients, such as: a one size fits all approach, outdated marketing strategies and limited channels for communicating. From this experience Chris and Julie conceptualised Agent 2.0 Real Estate, a digital agency that fully embraces the digital space.

One of the most desirable aspects of the Agent 2.0 customer experience is that we meet our clients in the comfort of their own home, their workplace or at their favourite local café. Our agency offers flexible communication channels such as in-app property management messaging, SMS, WhatsApp, and social media direct messaging; this allows our agents to respond to enquiries in real time. Unlike traditional agencies we are often available before and after business hours. It is not uncommon for a client to text one of our agents early in the morning, late in the evening and/or on weekends. Managing a boutique sized portfolio allows for a tailored and flexible customer experience.

Julie Rigney has spent most of her career in finance and more recently in project management. Her passion is business operations and credits her success to continuous study. Julie has various accreditations in accounting, administration, business, marketing, leadership & management, finance, project management and now real estate! Her business expertise makes her a driving force within Agent 2.0 Real Estate. Although Julie’s official role is a Director her responsibilities extend beyond just that, she manages all administration, finance, marketing, project management, business analytics and strategic planning for the agency.  

Together, “Mr and Mrs Agent 2.0” are dedicated to making your next real estate venture a successful one!


Awards and Recognition:

2023 – NSW Business Innovation Award  |  Business 2580 Awards - winner

2023 – Goulburn's Business Woman of the Year Award (Julie)  |  Business 2580 Awards - winner

2023 – NSW Business Excellence Award  |  Business 2580 Awards - finalist

2023 – Goulburn’s Favourite Real Estate Award  |  Business 2580 Awards - finalist

2022 – Goulburn’s Favourite Real Estate Award  |  Business 2580 Awards - winner

2021 – Goulburn's Top 5 Agent Award  | - winner

2019 – NSW Outstanding Start-up Award  |  Business 2580 Awards - winner